Private firm to enter auto industry Private firm to enter
BEIJING,March.10(Xinhuanet) -- Hejia Group, a Sichuan-based private enterprise, is entering the lucrative auto parts and components industry and plans to list its business in the United States, according to its President Xia Chaojia. 
The move makes Hejia another auto-related Sichuan enterprise, following China’s top liquor producer Wuliangye Group, gearing up to enter the bullish car industry. 

"We have started to establish our own auto parts industrial park since last year, and we are preparing to list the business in the United States this year," Xia said. 

Hejia, with agriculture and valve production as its traditional mainstays, has invested a total of 500 million yuan (US$60.5 million) into establishing a 20-hectare industrial park in the province’s Xindu area.

"This is only the initial investment," said Xia, who is also a deputy to the 10th National People’s Congress, although no further details were made available for the time being 

Hejia seemingly has long been prepared to elbow its way into the auto market and develop it into a new profit engine. It has already been engaged in vehicle repairs for some time, and the ambitious firm also set up a distribution centre for Chinese auto parts in the United States last September. 

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